FotoBOOK platform 5.4

The FotoBOOK Team is Pleased to Announce the Release of a New Version of FotoBOOK Platform 5.4!

The new version of the platform will help printing companies to expand marketing activities for the development of their e-business,  retain customers through improved functionality and simplify the product delivery to customers.

New features of FotoBOOK 5.4:

  • the «Discounts» function — now it is possible to offer a discount not only on certain categories of goods but also a discount on a specified quantity of ordered products
  • the «Guides» function — user can align the project elements relative to each other with the help of visual guide lines
  • integrated «Nova poshta» delivery service
  • changes in the display of the main page and the template selection page
  • changes to payment functionality made to improve the payment procedure and the status control of an order
  • the administrative part of the platform has been optimized for convenience and comfortable use

The FotoBOOK team has been constantly improving to delight you with new opportunities, and to contribute to the successful development of your business.

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