The Fotobook Platform

FotoBOOK Team is Pleased to Announce the Release of FotoBOOK Platform 5.0!

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our product and we are glad to share with you the results of our work!

While working on the new version, first of all, we took into account wishes and feedback of our customers, because we greatly appreciate their opinion. Many years of experience in the web-to-print business helped us to improve our product to satisfy market expectations and correspond to the latest trends in the industry.

The changes have mainly affected the user interface of the application. We have made our platform even more convenient and user-friendly. Now all the products are available right on the first page of the platform. Moreover, to facilitate the process of product creation, we have significantly reduced the number of steps. The steps themselves have become more consistent and clear.

The functionality of the platform has expanded with new useful features. Now there is an opportunity to brand products, place a company logo on it, or add a bar code on the cover. Also, the new version enables to create particular product configurations and get links to them.

The update also affected the back-end of the application. We optimized platform management and made it easier. Now it is possible to download more detailed information about customer orders, which allows you to analyze in detail the demand for products and customer needs.

Full list of FotoBOOK new features:

  • significantly modified UI and functionality of the main page, as well as the product creation wizard
  • all products are displayed on the main page
  • product creation steps are placed on one single page
  • there is an opportunity to get a link to a specific product configuration
  • «branding» function — the possibility of placing the company logo on the cover or a barcode to automate order tracking
  • the administrative part of the platform has been optimized for convenience and comfortable use
  • an expanded list of orders data for detailed marketing analytics.

The FotoBOOK team is grateful to our customers for their loyalty and useful feedback. We always strive to improve our product, delight you with new opportunities, and contribute to the successful development of your business!

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