How to Improve Your Photoproduct Business with SEO Techniques?

Do not see the name of your photobook product and your website among the first search results in Google or Yahoo? Do you want to change it? Several SEO techniques will help you to enlarge the number of visitors and attract more customers.

The most important thing that you have to remember is no SEO equals no visitors and no customers. If search engines cannot classify and rank your website on the basis of its general content and keywords, then it will be shown among the search results in the very end and will remain invisible to people.

While applying SEO techniques, do not forget to use both on-page and off-page SEO.

  • On-page optimization promotes your site among visitors, as well as search engines. The improvement of the public face of your site will attract the bigger number of visitors and some tricks in coding will make it more visible for search engines.
  • Off-page technique is the popularization of your site on the Internet. Its aim is to provide the product or company recognition.


Add Keywords

Keywords will help a search engine to categorize your site according to the business area. The pagerank will be higher if you select the proper keywords. Analyze the searches for a particular period and the keywords ideas of your competitors. Google Keyword Planner will help to define the most popular requests.

But the page overfilled with the same keywords looks like a spam and it does not appeal to visitors. Instead, add LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords or in other words closely-related terms and synonyms. You can find them at the bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). For example, ‘photobook design’, ‘photobook template’, ‘photo albums’, ‘fotobook’, etc.

Add keywords not only to the text but also to title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, alt and header tags. But do not forget that the title tag length is limited by Google. Usually, it displays up to 60 characters. Do not use too long title tags. Titles should not be duplicated and forget about boilerplating.

It is important to detect the content gaps. They are the keywords that you do not rank for but your business rivals do. And Ahrefs Site Explorer will help to discover all content gaps.

Provide a Unique and Updated Content

Too many text blocks, images or video files will not attract more visitors. Do not duplicate the same text on different pages. Mind the copyright. All text should be unique and fresh. Use different test formations and bullets. They will make content easy-readable. If you have the infographic elements, then remember that search engines cannot see them. Add some text under these blocks to clarify their content for search engines.

Your website should provide only valid and current data. Update regularly your content: text, images, video, etc.


Social SEO

Every popular company has the accounts on different social networks, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Some of them even have own channels on YouTube. It is very good way to popularize your brand and inform customers about updates and provide interesting information.

Make the buttons of social sharing available on your website. In such a way, visitors will be able to share your content with others.


The number of links that point to your website defines its rank position. But all links should be from trusted and relevant sources. Be very attentive while buying backlinks. You can ask your partners, customers or suppliers to link to your site. Mind your backlink profile – you should have different types of links and they should be from various IP addresses. Besides that, they should be branded.

The technique of comment marketing is also effective. Monitor websites and blogs relevant to your main topic. Select the most appropriate sources and leave comments with links to your site. But comments should be informative and correspond the subject. You can also answer the questions on different relevant forums.








Banner advertising will also promote your brand. Introduce your site or product to a new target  audience. Place an interesting and creative advert on relevant sites.

Publish press releases in order to provide customers with your up-to-date innovations. Use  trustworthy and  authoritative online channels and do not forget to add the backlink. Check all links – the broken links will not  increase the traffic.

Just keep these recommendations, apply them practically and you will see the desired results.

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