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“Plus 3” or Why Printers Continue to Choose Online Photo Product Editor FotoBOOK.Platform?

Ukrainian company WEB100 Technologies rapidly replenishes the list of its customers. For the period from Deс. 2016 – Jan. 2017, two printing companies from Russia and one from Vietnam successfully launched online editors for the production of photo books based on FotoBOOK.Platform. This high-tech solution has allowed to open a new profitable direction of their business development.

FotoBOOK.Platform online photo product editor

FotoBOOK.Platform – a web-to-print solution that allows enterprises to quickly run online editor, integrate it with the current polygraphic structure, ensure receiving and processing of online orders.

The platform provides a wide range of creative tools allowing you to create unique designs with the ability to use bright graphic elements.

In the 2016 year alone more than 10 new companies from the different countries (Russia, Lithuania, Slovak, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, and others) sized the possibilities of the online photo product editor FotoBOOK.Platform and launched their own projects on its basis.


Recently 3 more companies were added to this list: “Moi vipusk” – the leader in producing of class-albums in Russia; the first supplier of photo books in the Urals – “Photokniga-Ural” and the Vietnamese company “CaAn” which produces personalized photo products.

Such active development was facilitated by the release of a new version of the Platform – Version 2.0, all advantages of which were appreciated by the executives of the above-mentioned companies.

So, Zavialov Mikhail, the Head of the “Moi Vipusk” noted:

“We tried to use applications from different suppliers to implement our online development strategy, but the final choice was stopped on FotoBOOK.Platform. A variety of functions, clear interface and high level of usability became the main factors when choosing this web-to-print solution. A special feature of the editor is that in addition to the standard edit mode «Simple» with basic functions, it contains the edit mode «Fantasy», which is focused on professional use. The ability to upload custom cliparts, masks and frames attracted the attention of a new audience — professional designers and photographers.”


In turn, Hoang Dzung — the head of the “CaAn” company — said the following:

“I accidentally came across online editor FotoBOOK.Platform and, having familiarized with its functionality, immediately realized that this is exactly what we need. The editor structure is logically built: a person who has never used this application can easily, step by step independently create his own project. The competitive advantage of the editor for our company is the ability to reach a multilingual audience.”


The founder of the “Photokniga-Ural” company also shared his impressions of using the platform:

“I want to note the logic of building the User personal area. Now our clients can save their projects as conveniently as possible, copy them, share their photo books in social networks, execute orders and track their status in their profile. A pleasant addition for us was also a certain desktop application FotoBOOK.ThemeDesigner, which allows you to quickly create modern and creative theme design templates.”


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