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10 Effective Ways to Increase Online Sales

Online store owners are always looking for a strategy to increase their sales. How to grow your business and stand out among competitors?

We have prepared 10 simple tips to increase your online store sales. Moreover, at the end of the article you will find a useful bonus that will help you to understand that “great ideas are always simple”. Are you intrigued, aren’t you?

  1. Your customers should get answers to their questions

Analyze the content, which describes product and delete all the intricate phrases. You should describe its real advantages and provide answers to the all possible questions a customer can have:

  • main features;
  • features of production;
  • product weight;
  • design;
  • material;
  • types of photobooks;
  • print quality information, etc.
  1. Do not lose contact with clients

Focus on customers who have already bought something from you. They know what to expect from you and what product they will receive. Therefore, always remind about yourself. Use email newsletters to inform customers about the latest news and promotions. Include the recipient’s name in the subject line of the email. It will evoke the desire to open your letter and go to your website.

  1. Show сustomers that you have everything they are looking for

One of the most effective ways to increase sales in an online store is to show the customer everything that might interest him on the main page. People tend to make impulse purchases and trust recommendations, so try the following:

  • Show top products on the main page.
  • Customize the search on the site so that the most popular queries lead customers to the top product pages.
  • Test the catalog, check navigation and page names.
  • Add recommended products to the product page.
  • Use high-quality photos on the product pages.
  1. Give your customers bonuses and presents

No customer will ever reject pleasant bonuses. Even if the price of a particular product seems high, a customer can easily change his mind when he finds out that a gift or free delivery is waiting for him.

Try to attract the attention of the audience by discounts and seasonal sales.

  1. Regularly update the store assortment

Replace “outdated” products by more popular and demanded. Think what positions you can “sell out” without hesitation to make free room for “fresh” goods.

  1. Think of ways to increase client’s average check

These can be promotion or, for example, a regular customer card. Proven popular “1 + 1 = 3” technique works quite effectively as well. When buying two products, a customer receives a third one absolutely free. Time-limited sales are effective too.

You can also make special “unique” offers. For example, a photo product can be sold in an exclusive premium package, you can additionally make lamination of pages, or stamping on the cover.

  1. Loyal customers are best friends of your online store

You need to take care of your regular customers. They always come back to you for new purchases and leave positive feedback about your product. You can turn a random customer into a loyal one and increase the number of orders in the following ways:

  • Show how important loyal customers are to you, and how you appreciate their dedication.
  • Congratulate customers with all the holidays using e-mail.
  • Make nice little presents or souvenirs with your logo.
  • Offer individual discounts.
  • Provide free catalogs.
  1. Demand Seasonality

Season affects almost all types of businesses. With the right approach, you can use demand seasonality to your advantage. To do this, make preparations for seasonal growth in demand with the help of website promotion and advertising.

  1. Payment and delivery should be convenient

Offer in your online store several payment and delivery methods so that the customer could choose the most suitable one.

Even if you are focused on the customers from big cities, take care of people from remote town and villages too. Think about how to make the purchase experience easier and better for them.

  1. Continue improving and do not stop half-way

If you opened recently, you probably have not so many attendees of your online shop as you want. It takes a lot of work to increase the attendance rate, which consequently will lead to increase in sales. Work on conversion so that the result would be better with every single day.

At first glances all these tips seem too simple and inefficient. But the smart combination of them give you a tool to form the image of your company.

And finally, it’s time for the bonus from our team. You probably know that there are 3 modes in the editor of creating our photo products: “5 clicks”, “Creative” and “Fantasy”. Statistical analysis of the data showed that choosing the easiest of them — «5 clicks», 90% of users bring the purchase to the end, while choosing more creative modes, the numbers decrease by almost half.

A purchase with the least amount of action reduces the percentage of bounce and interrupted transactions. Reduce the number of steps, which you need to order and the number of steps when interacting with the site. No wonder “Brevity is the soul of wit” :)

Try to carry out at least one piece of advice for seven days, and then, after a couple of weeks, measure the result. We think it will be overwhelming.

We wish you good deals and good sales!

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