WEB100 Technologies released new version of online photoproducts editor — FotoBook.Platform 3.0

Victor Maznyuk, CEO of WEB100 Technologies, told us about team’s achievements:

«… On behalf of WEB100 Technologies company I’d like to share the joyful news and the results of our team’s work in recent time. The new version of online photoproducts editor, created by our team, was released. FotoBook.Platform 3.0 main revision is new Calendars module. This is a significant event, as the modern printing business is developing rapidly and nowadays more and more types of photo, souvenir and printing products become of rather great demand. The new calendars module has already been implemented and some of our clients have already been able to feel its benefits and advantages. It was equipped with necessary and interesting functionality. It makes possible to fully develop and create design for a personalized photo calendar, highlight important dates, not only with a special font or graphic elements, but also by adding photos; variations of the calendar grids and their displaying options, and so on. To sum up more than 70 new functions were added.

Updates were also implemented on the server side. We realize the importance of simplicity and comfort in using the administrative part or back-end and for this very reason we’ve worked on its improvement.

Approximately 30 companies in different countries on different continents use FotoBook.Platform. We plan to develop not only new modules for photoproducts, but also modern services and applications to provide our customers with the latest and high-quality software … »

FotoBook.Platform 3.0 users got new features:

  • to create personalized calendars with personal content, dates and holidays. Now users can embody their own creative ideas and create photo projects not only by means of photobooks, but also  calendars;
  • the administrative part (back end) of the platform has been updated, new options and functionality have been added for the convenience and comfortable use of the editor;
  • the user can preview the final PDF layout of created calendars. This allows to make the level of printed products quality significantly higher, that means there is an opportunity to see how the final product looks like before it is sent to be printed;
  • highlighting of holidays and special dates by uploading a user image into the cell background;
  • various relevant and interesting features. It became possible to create a personalized calendar with a custom list of dates and holidays, as well as to edit style; there is also a function of displaying other important days like public holidays or some days of the year.

and much more…

The new version of FotoBOOK.Platform will help printing houses to create a reliable basis for business development in Internet, expand the geographic reach of the client audience and increase the availability and customization of the products for customers.

For more detailed information visit our demo on: demo.fotobook-platform.com

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